Joshua's about to head to dreamy snowy Canada! Here he'll become a ski instructor, joining EA's ski & snowboard on their instructor course.

An interview with Joshua ahead of his winter season

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Last updated on
November 28, 2013

Joshua is about to head over to dreamy snowy Canada! Here he will become a ski instructor, joining EA's ski and snowboard on their instructor course.

A quick introduction

Hi guys! I can’t wait to get over there and start shredding it up big time in the frothy dry powder I have heard about! Anyway, my name is Joshua Heinrich; I’m 21 years old and hail from Manly, located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I am an outdoor sporting addict who loves to mix it up with surfing, basketball, skating, skiing etc. Recently I deferred from my university degree, as I was very keen to go travelling for some time. Now that it’s so close I’m itching to get over there; I’m really excited to begin this adventure.


Why do you want to become a snow sports instructor?

I have heard many great stories about people going overseas, becoming ski instructors, and having the time of their life! Honestly, I have loved snow sports for a long time, since I was a little grom on the slopes, going hell for leather straight down the hill. I must say it has been 3 seasons since I last skied, so I’m keener than ever to get amongst the action again! The reason behind me wanting to become a ski instructor – it’s a great chance for me to get work on my uni breaks, and spend time in various places around the world. EA Ski and Snowboard have given me this opportunity by doing their Level 1 course!

What you are looking forward to most about spending a winter in the snow?

Spending winter in the snow sounds awesome! I have never had a white Christmas; narrowly missing out last time I was in Europe! Also, I’m looking forward to living in the snowfields and all that it entails; being amongst Big White’s huge snowy mountains and surroundings – seems pretty unreal. Besides that, I cannot wait to get onto these mountains, being on the slopes every day and honing my skills in a sport I love. It is going to ridiculous!

Why did you choose to train with EA?

The reasons I choose to train with EA are that they have a great work ethic and are very dedicated. You get the feeling that you’re part of something bigger as soon as you start communicating with them via email; they give you the support you need when planning a trip like this, answering any and every question you have in record time. By doing this, the program is thoroughly worked out for you, so you can easily wrap your head around what you are going to do and achieve through this course. Not to mention their coaches are world class!! As a result, there’s no stress, just plenty of fun and anticipation!

What is the one item you are packing that you just can’t leave behind?

My GoPro!! I just bought it, and I’m going to have so much fun skiing down the slopes with it, capturing some sick footage! It’ll be in use 24/7, helping to document my adventures, and showing the people who follow my blog this adventure through my eyes!

Giddee UP!

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