To help you tackle the admin nightmare that is a Canadian visa application, we have put together this list of steps to get you started.

Canadian visa application process

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Last updated on
November 16, 2017

So... you want to head to Canada but let me guess the Canadian visa application process is a big task to tackle!?  

The prospect of filling out forms, applying for visas and figuring exactly how it all works can be a lot.

Our team is full of instructors and snow-lovers who have lived and worked in ski resorts right around the world (this includes going through the visa process many times). We're here to help you get your foot in the door in this industry and can give you the right tips when it comes to getting your visa for Canada.

To help you tackle the admin nightmare that is a visa application, we have put together this list of steps to get you started. Once you’ve read our steps, check out our YouTube channel full of videos showing you what it's like to live in one of the coolest places in the world, Canada.

Firstly, some things to note:

  • If you are not a citizen or passport holder of your program destination, you will require a Working Holiday Visa to carry out legal employment.
  • The visa application process can be a bit tricky in places, so please talk to a training consultant about receiving our full instruction guide.
  • EA will provide you with advice and guidance throughout the working holiday visa application process. Although we cannot guarantee you a place in the quota, we will give you the best chance of being successful.
  • YOU will need to be proactive when it comes to steps such as getting in the pool, organising a police background check and ensuring that the visa ultimately comes through.

Step 1a: Get in the visa selection pool

The first step is to complete the 'Check your eligibility questionnaire' in order to get yourself in the visa selection pool. You will receive a reference number at this stage. Using this, you can create a CIC account. Be sure to do this as soon as the pool opens as it can fill up quickly, especially for countries such as the United Kingdom. If you're from Australia, New Zealand or Ireland for example, this is not as competitive.

Once the CIC account is created, you can now apply for the IEC Canadian Visa.

Step 1b: Getting a police background check

You should apply for a police background check* straight after you are in the visa pool. This is because you will need this to complete part 2 of the visa application after being invited into the CIC. It can often take a few weeks for the background check to be completed so we suggest you start this as early in the process as possible.

*The background check varies depending on your citizenship and home country. For more Country-specific information on the police check, please get in touch and your training consultant will be able to run you through what is required.

It is also important to note that you may need a police certificate from any country or territory that you have spent six months or more since the age of 18.

Once you have applied for the IEC visa, you are in the pool.

Step 2: Receive an invitation to apply

Now comes the waiting game... You need to wait for the Canadian government to invite you to start your application. Once you have received your invitation please let us know ASAP as we can give you a detailed outline of this stage. This stage is arguably the hardest as you are required to collate all your documents together. You have 10 days from being invited, to accept. Once accepted, you have 20 days to complete, pay and submit the Canadian visa application. This includes providing all supporting documents.

Step 3: Your Canadian visa application is assessed

Your work permit application will be assessed by the Canadian government and if approved you will receive a POE letter otherwise known as a point of entry letter. Take this with you to Canada and get ready to begin work!

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