This year in 2021 we hosted our second annual photo and video competition for our interns. Tag us (#EASkiAndSnowboard).

2021 EA Ski & Snowboard Photo and Video Competition

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Last updated on
March 29, 2021

This year we hosted our second annual photo and video competition for our interns. Everyone has the opportunity to tag us (#EASkiAndSnowboard) in their socials or submit their best photos and video edits for a chance to win prizes. This year we kept things simple with a cash prize of $200 each for the best Photo and Video submitted as judged by the team in our secret HQ.

We were grateful to receive a bunch of entries from our interns at resorts across Canada, Switzerland and the United States. So without further ado, this years prize winners are...


Photo Winner

We loved both the sentiment and the views as this entrant get's ready to drop into life as a newly qualified instructor. $200 is coming your way!

"How I want to start every day of my life..."

@fradisci86 - Cypress Mountain, Canada


Video Winner

We loved the whole dinosaur collection that was submitted but we especially appreciated the technique in this single-ski training video - all while wearing a dinosaur onesie! We're not sure how dinosaurs splash their cash, but $200 has your name on it!

"One very excited skiing dinosaur"

@contikicharlotte - Revelstoke, Canada

Honourable Mentions

While there could only be one winner each category, we wanted to give a shout out to everybody that entered and a couple of honourable mentions to entrants from other countries. We loved seeing all the extra adventures you've been up this season.


This entrant is no stranger to us as some of his photos have already been shared in our monthly newsletter. We especially enjoyed checking out the photos for the shoot they did while sessioning a jump just outside their apartment.

"Some more from the jump! @oscarr_g smashed this after being on a snowboard for 7 weeks total and never jumping. If you want to have a laugh swipe right."

@thedailybucketlistuk - Verbier, Switzerland

snowboarding verbier


The way the sunlight catches the snow in this photo is pretty magical and makes us want to get straight back out there! Congratulations to the whole crew that passed their exams on this day.

"Certification exams...with a view"

@albertosaurus_95 - Northstar California, United States

albert mention


So there you have it for another season!

If you're still hungry for more, you can check out last years winners here! And if you want a chance at next year's competition then you'll need to sign up to one of our internship programs, of course! You can apply here and if you qualify, we'll typically be in touch within 48 hours!

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