The ski industry has taken Rich all over the globe. From Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan and now NZ. Hear about his role as training consultant.

Meet Richard - Our newest member on our team of EA Training Consultants.

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Last updated on
July 5, 2023

Richard is our new ski and snowboard training consultant from Ireland. Hear about his role in the blog below.

How did you get into this exciting industry?

I moved to Canada in 2019 for my first season and was hooked straight away! I got a job in one of the top Cat-skiing resorts in the world and just fell in love with the ski lifestyle and all the people you meet in the industry, moving to New Zealand has always been a goal of mine and to work in the ski industry here has been a great opportunity!

What do you love most about working with prospective ski and snowboard instructors?

People that are passionate and want to make a career out of it, honestly I just love hearing peoples stories about waist deep pow days and shredding with their mates! 

Is there anything in particular that makes you know instantly that you are talking to someone who is going to make a GREAT instructor?

People who are engaging, asking questions, and excited! Its always nice that when you are on the phone with them and you can feel their excitement through the phone, makes the whole process much easier and fun!!

Is there an EA course in particular that stands out to you above the rest?

That’s a tough one because they all have something going for them, probably Revy or Lake Louise in Canada, I have spent a lot of time at both of those mountains and they live up to their ‘steep and deep’ names, both epic Internship Plus programmes as well so they set you up brilliantly for a career in the ski industry. 

Meet Richard Our newest member on our team of EA Ski and Snowboard Training Consultants

Places Skied and Favourite Place to Ski?

I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of skiing across Europe (France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland), Japan, New Zealand, the USA and again in Canada, have done a lot of back country cabin missions in the Rockies in British Columbia which have all been awesome, my favourite resort has got to be Revelstoke! Spent a lot of time here when living in Canada, the town is super fun and the mountain on a powder day is all time.

What is your favourite chairlift snack?

Fireball – keeps you warm on those chilly days!!

What do you think we can offer that other courses struggle to provide?

It has to be the guaranteed job, like all lines of work, having experience speaks for itself, getting the qualification is great but a lot of resorts want to see it in action as well so it’s a great way of doing both and being able to travel around the world and having that accreditation and experience follow you around. 

Do you have a final advice or message to those considering joining?

In the wise words of Nike – ‘Just Do It’.. it’s not just about the job, it’s the lifestyle you will have and the people that you meet will become some of your best friends, your ability level will sky rocket as well as you are consistently on the mountain improving your skills day in day out. 

Meet Richard Our newest member on our team of EA Ski and Snowboard Training Consultants

If you want to live a life like Richard and get amongst the epic lifestyle of working in the ski industry, then download an instructor starter kit here:

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