Meet Tristan... Our Ski USA specialist!!

Calendar December 9th, 2016

Meet Tristan... the newest member on our team of EA Training Consultants.

To talk to Tristan and get started - download your USA Instructor Brochure <<HERE>>

Tristan is the perfect person to talk to about skiing and riding in the USA, after growing up in Northern California and learning to ski at Northstar, he went to Uni in Colorado and spent his weekends exploring the Rockies. Tristan skied until he was 16 and decided to give snowboarding a go, so he can chat to you about a career in both and discuss the income, resort and work options for either discipline – or if you are one of those extra talented people who can do both he can talk you through the dual certifications too. He has skied at many of the locations EA run internship programs including New Zealand and Canada and armed with a love of the snow, a genuine interest in helping people achieve their career goals and excellent communication skills he is ready and waiting to chat to you about the possibility of a ski or snowboard training course next season.

We caught up with Tristan to ask a few questions about his new role…

What do you love most about working with prospective ski and snowboard instructors?
- The passion! It is exciting to help people ‘live the dream’

Is there anything in particular that makes you know instantly that you are talking to someone who is going to make a GREAT instructor?
- There is an energy you can hear in someone’s voice that says they have made a decision to go for it and will do what they need to accomplish their goal.

Is there an EA course in particular that stands out to you above the rest?
- So many to choose from! I would say the Dual Certificate program at Big White. For anyone who is seriously looking at making ski and snowboard instruction a career. Being competent and certified at both sports opens so many more doors and opportunities.

What do you think we can offer that other courses struggle to provide?
- The guaranteed job is key. I talk to many people who have tried to get into the industry with just a certification and no experience and I always get the same response, “I need experience to get the job, but how can I get the experience if I can’t get a job”

What advice do you have for someone wanting to become an instructor?
- Set your goals, write them down and hold yourself accountable. In the end, those who accomplish their goals are the ones who decided to make them happen.

To talk to Tristan and get started - download your USA Instructor Brochure <<HERE>>