Ski instructor exam - Is it actually hard?

Calendar February 13th, 2013

If your thinking about becoming a ski or snowboard instructor and your stressing about your passing the exam the short answer is dont!

Below Tessa Robinson shares her experience of the Level 1 CSIA exam (she passed, congratulations!) so you can find out what you can expect the level 1 ski or snowboard instructor exam to be like.

I was very anxious about my level one examination before it began but the course instructors made it a very comfortable environment without too much stress. The first day was spent assessing the skiing ability of all candidates by doing a few runs down the front of the mountain then going to the backside and up the larch chairlift, experimenting with bumps and moguls. This allowed us to see our weaknesses and how to ski more efficiently.

Indoor sessions were used to show us videos of certain skiers and assess their competencies and what skills we could use to improve their skiing. We had to evaluate the skier and point out drills that could be used in class. This gave a good understanding of what teaching would be like and what we have to look for during lessons. We also looked at videos of children’s skiing and the differences between them and adults.

We spent majority of the (remaining) time in the beginners slope. We were asked to show how we would teach the steps in fast track to parallel - mobility, sliding, stopping, turning and linking. We had to make sure we were taking in mind good guest service and student based teaching, making sure we were focusing on all individual needs of the clients and ensuring they have a positive experience. It is also necessary to conduct a safe lesson and make sure you do not push their boundaries too much. Taking them to the top of the bunny hill before they learn to stop or turn is not a good idea since they would have little confidence and ability to control their skiing.

The (exam) was very similar to the training we did prior. I learnt a lot more about teaching and skiing that will benefit me in the future and it definitely formed me into what I believe will be a confident instructor.

EA's tips if your worried about your ski or snowboard experience level:

  • Remember the training before the exam is intense training designed to get you ready for all aspects of the exam

  • EA recommend you are at least a low level intermediate skier. Not sure if you are up to this? contact one EA's training consultants for a free assessment [email protected]