After years of debating the top reasons to become an instructor, we've finally managed to narrow it down to our official top 10.

Top 10 reasons why you should become a ski instructor.

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August 21, 2019

The perfect job doesn't exist...

Working a ski season as an instructor is hands down the closest thing to the perfect job you'll find - or at least we think so. We might be a little bit biased but after you’ve read this we’re pretty confident you’ll agree...

After years of debating the top reasons to become an instructor, we've finally managed to narrow it down to our official top 10.

  1. You get to ski a lot.
  2. Improve your riding ability.
  3. Make friends for life.
  4. Live and breathe the mountains.
  5. Travel the world.
  6. Live the ski town lifestyle.
  7. Learn transferable skills.
  8. Have fun at work!
  9. Earn a decent wage.
  10. Get evidence for your efforts.

10. Get evidence for your efforts

Let’s be honest; doing a gap year can be viewed (by some) as a bit of a waste of time.

Working as a ski instructor is not only the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off; it also gives you that all-important certification. The internationally recognised qualifications you gain, prove that you have become a more responsible, well rounded and confident person while travelling. And you can put those on your CV for life. What company doesn’t want to have a resident ski instructor in their office?

9. Earn a decent wage

Working as a ski instructor can be one of the highest-paid jobs on the mountain. In your first few seasons, it won’t be, and you’ll get very good at living off 2-minute noodles. If you build good relationships with your clients and achieve private lesson requests, your earning potential will skyrocket. Let's be honest, where would you rather be earning your paycheck? Behind a desk, working retail, stacking shelves or out in the mountain air?

8. Job satisfaction: work with future Olympians

What’s more satisfying than helping a 5-year-old nail their first turns down the chairlift? Or hearing parents tell you how little Davie can’t stop talking about how much they LOVE skiing and their awesome instructor!

When your job is to literally share your passion for skiing and snowboarding. This paragraph could go on forever so let’s leave it at that for now!

instructor edit

7. Learn transferable skills

In addition to becoming a competent and professional skier or snowboarder (you can literally call yourself a professional if you want to). You will gain valuable skills that will impact your future career.

Leading a ski school lesson for six 'wild' kids on a huge mountain will teach you everything from communication, organisation, class control, creative thinking, riddles, dad jokes and life coaching; and that's just one lesson. It's also going to help you appreciate the little things in life, like a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, or a refreshing pint of alcohol after a long day teaching the rippers of the future.

6. The Lifestyle (live the dream!)

Snow towns are full of laidback, friendly, dedicated and passionate people. Everyone has heard of après ski, and there is a pretty big party culture in a lot of ski towns! A sesh in an alpine village pub beats a night out in the big smoke nine times out of ten. - It's a great place to avoid real-life ;)

However, the lifestyle is about much more than this. There is a whole community of people who live for the mountains, keen to shred any opportunity they get. You will find some of the most socially responsible enthusiasts out there ready to fuel your passions!

5. Skiing takes you places - Not just downhill ;)

Chase endless winters around the world trading frozen toes for sandy feet on the annual between-season surf trip to Hawaii.

Ski instructing will take you across hemispheres, from the famous mountains in North America, Europe and Japan to the Southern Hemisphere gems in New Zealand, Chile and Australia.

Spending 11 months in winter isn't everyone's idea of heaven, so why not spend your summers hiking volcanoes, trekking in jungles or volunteering in conservation projects across the world.

4. Live and breathe the mountains

It’s no secret, the best resorts in the world also happen to be in the most iconic locations. Think Lake Louise in Canada, Whistler Blackcomb with the ‘Black Tusk’, Mt Yotei in Niseko, Japan, or Mt Doom in New Zealand. Doing a winter season means these iconic natural wonders are right on your doorstep and make for a very interesting commute to the office.

It's difficult to really get to know a place and feel a connection on a holiday, working a season enables you to become a local (well almost) - you'll find the secret spots, hidden pow stashes and cheapest and best bars in town.

Love a mountain sunrise? Who doesn’t – as an instructor you’ll be up there almost every morning to watch the sun cast its warm shadow over the winter wonderland that is your workplace. Queue the 'my office is better than yours' social captions...

Hate missing bluebird pow days because you’re at work? Yeah me too, oh wait you work on the mountain you can go for a ride before, during or maybe even after your lessons! Never miss that pow day again!

Keep scrolling for the top 3!

Ski Instructor shredding pow

3. Meet more snow mad people and make friends for life (hopefully)

One of the best things about doing a season is meeting new people with similar interests to you. One season can quickly turn into 5 as you meet your best mates and get the travel/ski bug.

Thinking about doing a road trip during or after your season? There will always be a group of people desperate to join in no matter how crazy the plan is!

2. Improve your riding - become frigging awesome

Self-improvement, upskilling and knowledge sharing is at the very heart of life as a snowsports instructor. Snow schools have designated training sessions for staff all season long. These sessions are geared towards a range of objectives such as passing exams, lesson tips and tricks, and above all taking your riding to the next level with specific clinics on bumps, park, racing and freeride – If you can think it, they’ll run a session for it.

‘You get the best training from the best trainers and guess what? It’s free!’

1. You get to ski (or snowboard), a lot                                      

You think getting 21 days on your skis or board last season was good? How about 100+, and still feeling like you wished you’d squeezed a few more days in. That’s the reality of working as an instructor, the sheer amount of time you get to spend on snow is incomparable.

More time on snow = better riding + more friends + more steeze and all-round good times - Seriously.

Sounds amazing, I’m in!

How do I possibly get into a career that rad? Surely it's too good to be true?

An internship with EA provides the best opportunity to join this fast-paced and rewarding lifestyle and is a launchpad for carving out success in the snowsports industry.

Continue researching the journey and click here to check out Abbie and Matt's alumni stories.

Or if you're really interested in visualising what a career would look like check out our blog 'Visualising a career in snowsports"

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