Harry followed his dream and took a gap year as a ski instructor in Canada - a decision he never regretted, and he plans to have many more winters traveling the world as a ski instructor! Read his story

Instructor Stories: Harry Rudge | Cypress Mountain Ski Resort, Canada

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Last updated on
August 21, 2023

Harry followed his dream and took a gap year as a ski instructor in Canada - a decision he never regretted, and he plans to have many more winters traveling the world as a ski instructor! Read his story in the Q&A below.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi I'm Harry, I completed my A-Levels/High school in 2022, I love surfing, the sea, and pretty much just being outside. Oh yeah, I kinda like skiing too.

Why did you decide to become an instructor with EA Ski and Snowboard?

I have always wanted to do a ski season, and what better way to do it than skiing for work?!

What resort did you chose to go to and why did you choose that?

 I chose Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, Canada due to it's unique setup of being close to both the city and ocean. I was also told it is one of the biggest/most popular EA courses, and I just thought, 'The more people the better!' The views of the ocean from the slopes looked stunning, and I thought being near the city I'd never get bored. I wasn't wrong! Cypress also has night skiing until 10pm everyday of the week, which means that most days we would ski for a few hours after work. This is particularly good, because at most resorts if you're instructing, you will work until the resort closes for the day/when the sun sets.

Tell me about living in Canada?

Living in Canada is a lot less Americanised than I thought it would be, in a good way though! People are really friendly, and especially living in the city there are so many options to go visit other places. Going out on the EA course also meant that everyone was in the same boat. We did pretty much everything together, there's always someone who's up to doing something.

Why do you think other people should consider an internship? What has been the favourite part of becoming an instructor for you?

It has been the best experience of my life. I absolutely love skiing, and got to do it literally every day. I think I went 3 weeks of skiing everyday without rest one time! But it's not just the slopes, the people and community that you meet are so good.

Since becoming an instructor, what opportunities have you had?

I have had the opportunity and success of getting my CSIA Level 2, met friends from all over the world who I plan to visit, ski in a number of resorts both during and after working the season, improve my skiing tenfold, and go back to work more seasons!

What is your favourite place to ski in the world?

Whistler has gotta be the most insane resort I've ever seen. It has literally everything. Sunshine Village in Banff is also insane! However, skiing at Cypress Mountain you have the ocean and city views, stunning sunsets, and night skiing.

What do you enjoy about being an instructor?

Being able to watch someone's progression, and know that you're the one making that happen, is pretty cool. Being outside everyday, and the obvious one of betting paid to ski!

For those people out there who are considering doing a course with EA, what advice might you give them?

Do it. Just do it. It's a best decision I have ever made. Yes, it is an expensive process, but you need to look at it like an investment, just like university. And if you compare the price to 2-3 weeks of private lessons, you slowly realise it's a pretty good deal.

What’s your go to chairlift snack?

I'd have to say a breakfast bar, good energy and somewhat filling. Although it sucks if they explode in your pocket.

Are you first lifts or last at the bar?

 First lift babyyyyyyyyyyyy. What would you rather, go to a bar which you can do literally anywhere, or hit some fresh powow.

Watch Harrys season video edit here and get frothy! Harry's video encompasses the extraordinary lifestyle of ski instructing. Make friends all over the world, enjoy your work and everyday life, and make some memories.

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