There a handful of reasons why it is a great idea to be an instructor who is certified under both disciplines of Skiing & Snowboarding.

Why you should become a Dual Certified Instructor?

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Last updated on
July 3, 2018

There a handful of reasons why it is a great idea to be an instructor who is certified under both disciplines of Skiing & Snowboarding. We will explore some of the reasons below!

You become instantly more employable.

When a snow school director is taking on applicants for a snow sports school they will often first look at instructing certifications (level) and how much experience an applicant has teaching.

Doing an internship with EA does fast track you to be presented in the most employable state following your first season. However, if you are looking for an additional edge then seeking out a certificate in another discipline will really help!

“Being dual cert is fantastic. Now that I am hiring people…that is one of my first questions. Do you do both?”

– Daniel Mee, Snow School Director at Hakuba Snow Sports School

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Worldwide there is a higher demand/proportion of skiers versus snowboarders.

This is particularly relevant if you are a snowboarder entering this industry. By a significant margin, our snowboard internship programs fill up considerably faster and earlier than our ski internships. If you are one of the lucky ones that can do both disciplines, then this is a worthwhile route to potentially consider.

When EA is seeking partnerships with the 30 resorts we have on offer, it is quite evident in the ratio of placements we have extended to us. (We currently have around a 1:4 to 1:5 ratio in favour of available ski placements each season!)

You will gain yourself more work!

Quite simply when an employer hires you they are getting a 2 for 1 deal – this is great for them. But equally you allow yourself to become the go-to person if someone calls in sick or potentially when your guests that have loved doing lessons but want to try something new – as it will save them having to book with someone else!

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It will help build a stronger CV.

The usual instructing certification pathway follows an ascending level going from 1, to 2, to 3. This relates to the level of student it allows you to teach and your subsequent understanding. Many people are not aware that this is not always the only aspect that employers are looking for. It is quite relevant to build up your bag of tricks so to speak with certifications that do not necessarily mean you have to keep striving up the instructing levels.

Getting another discipline is one major one to keep in mind, however you may also choose to specialise in teaching children, intro to freestyle, avalanche awareness etc. These qualifications allow you to broaden your skills. Dependent on the school it can also positively affect your hourly rate of pay!

EA Ski and Snowboard offers these dual certification opportunities in both Canada and Japan, however it is limited to only a couple of resorts including Hakuba Evergreen, Japan and Big White resort in Canada. As these places are very popular and much more limited we would best suggest checking in to see what we have available well in advance!

To find our more, or to check availability for our courses, click HERE

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