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EA Ski and Snowboard Training Instructor Courses

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Thanks for taking the time to review our programs on how to become a qualified ski or snowboard instructor. Here we will look at the different types of programs along with the process of evaluating and choosing the right program for you.  By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of how our programs work, where you can go and how to secure a spot.

The Ski Internship or Training Program Options

We have two different types of programs. The first is our internship which involves training, qualifying and working within a single season. The only way we make this happen is by guaranteeing all interns a job offer after they have finished the training portion of the course and are qualified. This program is for those of you looking to get into the industry as an instructor or looking to work through the season on the snow.

Our guaranteed job offer is there to enable you to gain practical working experience within one winter season. This is great for future seasons where you can leverage both the knowledge and experience you have gained through the course to get jobs in other resorts around the world. All of our qualifications, in every country, are globally-recognised so whether you complete an internship in Canada, Japan or New Zealand for example, you will be able to use that almost anywhere.

We have two types of internships. The first is our instructor internship. Your program fee is going to include your level 1 training which goes for 3 weeks, your level 1 exam, the first month of accommodation, season pass and the key piece we reviewed which is the guaranteed job offer. We also have an instructor internship plus program which includes everything already mentioned PLUS your level 2 training, first aid, avalanche, and freestyle training. You would then be ready to go for your level 2 exam at the end of the season. For any of you looking to work a few seasons we would recommend getting your level 2 as it is considered the international level and will make finding work much easier.

The second program option is one of our training programs. These run from 4 weeks to season long and are perfect for those of you who are not looking to work but looking to vastly increase your skill level and shred powder 24/7 at an epic resort like Lake Louise or Revelstoke in Canada. Programs include your level 1 training and instructor certification, full accommodation, full season pass, with the opportunity to upgrade to include level 2 instructor certification, first aid, avalanche and freestyle training. You’ll have as much time on the snow that you can handle in your first winter season while everyone else is slaving away working. If you later decide that ‘winter seasoning’ is for you, we have over 30+ resort partners around the world and would be happy to set you up with an instructor job the following winter season.


We run programs in Canada, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand and in the United States. NZ is the Southern Hemisphere winter which runs from June to August. All others are Northern Hemisphere which run from late November to mid-April. And as a heads up programs in Japan don’t require any language skills. You will train in English and work in English, and the snow is epic.


Now for a quick availability update on upcoming seasons. We have a continuous flow of candidates setting up their seasons well in advance and our programs start selling out 12 months before so we would recommend doing your research over the next week or two to ensure that if you find the right program you can secure a spot.


After you review the programs with your training consultant and we email out detailed information on the different resorts we’ll schedule a time to go over any questions you may have. If we get to the point where you are like, Hakuba in Japan or Zermatt in Switzerland for example just sounds perfect for me and I would like to move forward then we’ll move to the next step. Since we work as an agent for our ski schools there is a qualification process where we will do a quick phone interview and if everything checks out, then at that point we’ll be able to officially offer you a spot on the program. From there we’ll have you put down a deposit which will lock your spot and your guaranteed job and then we’ll be your main point of contact. We’ll help you with visas, flights and everything else you need to get you set up for the season.

Next Steps

I appreciate you taking the time to read this today. Please read through our FAQs to best prepare for a chat with your training consultant. Contact us and request further details on any of our programs or see if you qualify. We look forward to helping you get out onto the snow for a season of a lifetime!

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