Get started today to optimize your fitness for snow season! Check out important fitness components & muscle groups information here.

Pre Season Fitness For Ski and Snowboard Instructors

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Ski & Snowboard Pre Season Fitness

As the first flakes begin to fall many snow lovers anticipate the season by preparing their snowboard and ski equipment with a good wax. Our physical health can often come second to our equipment, however it's important to focus on exercises geared towards snow sports activities. Day one on the slopes can result in aggressive panting and jelly legs, this fatigue can result in injuries that could have been prevented with a little extra preparation. Our programs consist of long, high intensity days, it is important to be snow ready for these reasons:

• Focus on learning and developing skills rather than coping with fatigue and soreness.
• Developing strength and endurance will allow you to shred longer.
• Being snow fit will decrease the likelihood of injury.

Click below to check out a pre-season workout lead by ex-snowboard competitor Cassie Fortune.

Get started today to optimize your snow season! Check out important fitness components and muscle groups information below, trust us, you’ll thank yourself later!


The main muscles used in both skiing and snowboarding are your legs. Developing and maintaining strength in your quadriceps will minimize fatigue on snow and provide protection/support for your knees.


Strengthen your main tools with wall sits, lunges, squats, calf raises, glute bridges, single-leg deadlifts- try it!


Strong abdominal and lower back muscles support your spine on snow, this is important when riding all types of terrain. A strong core will help maintain balance and stability. The abdominal muscle group is essential for those pow days when you don't want to miss a second of riding.


Plank, side plank, raised knee ins, sit-ups, swimmers, crunch it out!


For skiers, arms will help you carry and push off your poles while stabilizing shoulder joints. For snowboard, arm strength will assist with balance and stability. Strong biceps will also help you assist guests onto the chairlift, carrying equipment or be the helping hand after a tumble.


Push-ups, arm circles, triceps dips, pull-ups, go for it!


Ice, powder, or fresh piste. Balance is essential for skiing and snowboarding. Optimal balance will help maintain the bodies centre of mass over its base of support. Agility is allowing your body to move quickly while maintaining control.


Ladder drills, balancing on bosu ball, one-legged balance, box jumps, find your balance!


Most injuries happen at the end of the day due to fatigue. It is important for skiers and snowboarders to maintain cardiovascular and muscular endurance to be able to train and ride all day. The training programs offered with EA are often physically demanding, with high-intensity days. Starting the season back on the slopes can be an easy transition with the right training.


Try climbing stairs, running, skipping, biking, get that heart rate up!


Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds appealing, but it doesn't exactly give you the nutrition you need for a busy season on the slopes. Nutrition is important as it provides your source of energy required to shred all day. The food we eat impacts on your strength, training, performance and recovery- eating greens isn't just for keeping your mum off your back! Start eating nutrient-rich foods such a fish, greens, fruit, eggs and don't forget the dark chocolate!

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