2 common mistakes people make when planning their winter season

Calendar June 7th, 2018

What do you want to get out of a winter season abroad?

Are you looking to land any old job and just get by so that you can say...

"I went over to Canada and was able to ski or snowboard a little bit. I made ends meet but couldn't travel after the season cause I needed to get back home and get back to normal."

We don’t like normal here at EA Ski & Snowboard, and we definitely don’t like the idea of ‘any old job’ just because I need one. If you’re considering a winter season, don’t you think that you should do it right?

So now the question becomes, what is doing it right look like to you?

  1. Is it getting out there on the snow so that you can develop and train? By the end of the season, you can hit all of the jumps you want and ski every black run on the mountain.

  2. Do you want to meet lifelong friends that share a passion and an awesome overseas experience?

Ski instructing: The solution

After you’ve answered all of these questions for yourself, it’s time to look face-to-face at the solution. Ski instructing is a great winter season job however sometimes it can be hard to get into. You require a qualification and oftentimes, resorts don’t hire people without experience.

Here at EA Ski & Snowboard Training we help hopeful winter seasoners head away on their gap years with the security and assurance of a guaranteed job offer as a ski or snowboard instructor. We handle all of your training, organise the exam and get you qualified so that not only are you improving your own skiing or snowboarding, you’re setting yourself up for a great winter overseas.

Whether you want to go to Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the USA or Switzerland, we have resorts that cater to ski and snowboard hopefuls and help you train to become instructor in no time.

Click here to see if you qualify for this exciting winter opportunity with EA Ski & Snowboard Training and set up your winter season right!