Find the answers here with the 5 steps you need to take to get a ski or snowboard instructor job.

How To Get a Ski Instructor Job

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How to Get a Ski or Snowboard Instructor Job?

Step 1: Get experience on snow

It may be self-explanatory but to work in the snow, you need to know how to ski or board. Not to an amazing standard, but to at least an intermediate to advanced level. If not, and you rock up at a resort wanting a job - sadly, you'll be the lifty on the magic carpets all season-long or wiping down tables in the café.

Step 2: Apply for a ski or snowboard instructor training course

Right - you've upped your ability and you've decided you want to do a season. Now's the time to think about whether an instructor position is right for you. If you think that you will enjoy working with a cool bunch of people, wouldn't mind a customer facing role and would like to spend your days hanging out with resort guests showing them the ins and outs of skiing or snowboarding, then I have no doubt you'll love this job. It's very rare for resorts to hire staff who have no ski instructing experience so the best way to get this job is through an instructor program. It takes all the if's and but's out for you by providing you with the necessary training, qualifications, and experience that you need to get set up.

Step 3: Get your guaranteed job at the resort of your choice

Now, you've decided upon an instructor training course. The next step is to choose where you want to go. Is it Canada, New Zealand, Japan or maybe even the beautiful Switzerland in Europe? Keep in mind that visa availability and age can effect options so remember to get advice from EA's training consultants on the best resort for you.

Step 4: Train with the professionals

Have you felt that plateau in your skiing? That feeling where you really really enjoy skiing but are not sure that one day with ski school is really going to get you to that next level? Once your good enough, getting to the 'next level' gets harder and harder. It takes more effort, more time on snow... and a bit of technique. EA Ski and Snowboard training offers the perfect program for improving your skills and getting to the next level. With world-class professionals and time on snow to improve, you'll be dancing around the slopes in no time.

Step 5: Get your qualification and begin teaching.

Like every other career and job in the world, you're not going to get anywhere without experience and this is the perfect opportunity to work as a ski instructor and get a feel for whether you enjoy it. You'll understand how it all works and learn the best tools to get someone on their feet and sliding down the slopes. People come to this job for different reasons, some like to help others learn, others like the freedom of riding every day and others enjoy improving and then passing that skill on to others. Training and working in a single season is the best way to learn your 'why' and know what it's like to work in this industry.

We start recruiting for internships and training courses a year in advance, so if you haven't been in touch already, have a look at the next steps you can take below or view more resources!

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